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Benefits of performances in early childhood

Budding stars, team workers and developing confidence

Our little elves are very busy working hard towards the holly jolly year end extravaganza! From reindeers wriggling their tails, jingling bells and sledges being prepared, to creating our top-secret Santa-Village,

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Deepavali: A time to give back

Driving a sense of community, compassion and charity

Why is developing empathy in pre-schoolers more important now, than ever? Building an understanding of what others are feeling and how a child’s own actions can impact another, is a valuable life skill for children to possess. It not only benefits them in childhood, but also helps them to become well-rounded global citizens as adults.

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Little ones, Big feelings

Helping toddlers recognise and manage emotions...

Before they can talk, children express their feelings through their actions: They’ll cry, or grin, or kick their legs. When they’re toddlers, they start to understand, why they feel the way they do, and to start naming their emotions.

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