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Baby Cubbies
Infant Care



Infant Care

Available at: 

Kovan and Tanglin Road campuses 

Highly experienced and dedicated Infant Care teachers provide nurturing guidance to support our Baby Cubbies’ growth in a safe and secure environment. Our Baby Cubbies journey through a sensory based curriculum where they experience art, music and outdoor nature play.  


Our Infant Care programme introduces our children to learning experiences that help build their language skills, motor-skills, emotional growth and cognitive understanding of the world around them. 

Our Baby Cubbies are encouraged to explore through their sense of sound, taste, smell, touch and sight. They are guided to reach their developmental milestones and have a solid foundation for their pre-school years.  



All campuses 

Available at: 

Our pre-school programme incorporates age-appropriate activities to holistically develop our children. We value each child as an individual and work hard to nurture his/her personal strengths and interests. Through creative and integrated learning experiences, we focus on building confidence, emotional learning, independence, language, creativity, physical and social competencies as well as cultivating a love of learning across a broad and balanced curriculum.

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Little Winnies
(Playgroup) & Grizzlies 1
( Nursery 1 )

18 months
to 3 years old

Our Little Winnies start their learning journey with our multi-sensory and holistic approach to learning. They are immersed in an integrated English and Mandarin speaking environment which greatly helps in developing communication skills in both languages. Our Grizzlies (1) continue in their multi-sensory journey acquiring further skills and building on their strengths.


We weave in a play-based approach to engage our children’s imagination and follow their natural curiosity.  Our child-led learning at this age enables us to encourage our children’s individual interests.  


Nature play, music and movement, messy play, art, fine motor development as well as exploring cause and effect, form an integral part of our learning and developmental journey. The focus at this stage lies in the exploration and creative process rather than the outcome.

Infant Care

Problem solving, collaboration and creative thinking are in focus at this age. Our Grizzlies 2’s develop these skills through creative constructions with open ended materials, dramatic play with their peers; and through active participation in projects.


Children continue their language acquisition journey in a rich bilingual environment. Structured activities in English and Mandarin literacy are introduced through phonics, letter formation and early reading. 


Children are also introduced to basic concepts of mathematics  such as number counting, identifying shapes, extending patterns and grouping; as well as science processes such as estimation, prediction and classification through observations and exploration. 

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years old

Grizzlies  2
(Nursery 2)


5 & 6
years old

Giant Panda
1 & 2

(Kindergarten 1 & 2)

The Kindergarten years are designed to support your child’s transition to the more formal education of Primary School. The focus shifts from emergent strategies of the early years to the purposeful acquisition of content, skills and concepts.


Reading and writing phonetically, understanding sight words, sentence construction, punctuations as well as grammatical conventions are focused on, for language and literacy. Our Giant Pandas immerse into a literacy-rich environment, so they can articulate their thoughts and ideas in both English and Mandarin.


As their cognition develops, our Giant Pandas start building onto a higher level of thinking through more complex numeracy concepts of addition, subtraction, measurements, time, money, etc. Our numeracy curriculum encourages problem solving, pattern recognition and help children to make connections with real life scenarios.


Our specialist STEAM programme (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths) inspires our Giant Pandas to make vital connections between everyday life and STEAM disciplines by exploring their surroundings through discovery, experimentation and hands-on activities.


This habit of questioning and trying new things in a hands-on fashion, lays down a solid foundation for future learning and helps them excel in every sphere of their life.

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