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What Parents Say


Noah has grown and developed so much in his first year at Little Paddington, enjoying his learning at the school very much. We are grateful for the genuine care and attention given to each child at the School by the Teachers, the administration, the wonderful chefs and even Uncle Larry! We are very happy with our decision to send Noah there.


Liz, Noah’s Mother – Grizzlies 1 (N1)

My kids are happy to go to school, always coming home with stories and new learnings to tell.

I chose LPP for its big outdoor space (the little petting zoo was a bonus for my animals-loving kids) and it’s structural curriculum.

The Teachers are wonderful and did their best to keep the children engaged even during the circuit breaker’s HBL.


Janice, Avery and Aiden’s Mother - Giant Panda 1 (K1) Giant Panda 2 (K2)


I would love to share our experience with Little Paddington Preschool. Little Paddington was the second preschool I visited with my 20 months old daughter for an open house date. For me, as her mother, it was very important to find a place where my little one would feel comfortable and safe. It was also important that she would have possibilities to develop all her skills. I was in love with this school from the first sight.


First of all, because of the people who work there! Ms Allison has gathered a great team and she works hard to give all kids the best experience and outcome of going to a preschool. She is also a very kind and understanding person. I was able to accompany my daughter during the first three days and the teachers were in touch with me during first month, updating me on  how my daughter was feeling,  and if she was crying or feeling sad.  They also sent photos during the day, so I was able to see that my daughter was doing fine and what she was learning during her school day.

The team also gave us recommendations on when we could move from half-day to full-day. It was just a perfect time to start a full day and move from the playgroup to N1. 

Thanks to Ms Allison and the teachers, our adaptation period went smoothly and our daughter really loves to go to school.  Her days at school are so attractive and interesting! After three months I could honestly and without any doubt say it was a perfect choice to start our ‘voyage’ to school life with Little Paddington.


Anna, Anastasia’ Mother - Grizzlies 1 (N1)

We are happy with our school of choice for Biraas - Little Paddington Preschool. They have great facilities including school pets! Their lessons are fun and engaging. The teachers are friendly and warm. Special thanks to PG Teachers who helped him settle well and enjoy school.


Amanjeev, Biras’s Mother – Little Winnies (PG)

WhatsApp Image 2021-07-22 at 8.51.46 AM.jpeg
WhatsApp Image 2021-07-21 at 1.01.35 PM.jpeg

Our experience at Little Paddington has been excellent. My son graduated from Little Paddington in 2020 and now attends Singapore local primary school. Although he only spent one year in K2 standard at the school, I was so happy to see the positive changes he had exhibited from his short time of enrolment.


Academically, the school provided the programme and structure necessary to give my son a head start for his transition to primary school, which did wonders for his confidence!


The teachers had helped to develop his individuality, while at the same time emphasizing self-discipline, respect towards others, being courteous and being more assertive. He used to be shy around adults and other children, but not anymore.


The school had also done a wonderful job with two-way communication channels between the teachers and parents through various channels, continuously providing updates and notifications which made me feel a lot more involved as a parent in my son’s learning journey.


I highly recommend Little Paddington! It truly gave my son the environment that allowed him to flourish and prepare him for his future education whilst at that same time providing him the opportunity to have fun with his friends and develop a true love for learning.


Nabila, Adam’s Mother – Former Giant Panda 2 (K2)

Where do you find a teacher being as happy (and sometimes more) in your child’s small feats?! At Little Paddington, each educator is as nurturing and as passionate about every child! It is a place which is truly aligned to children.


They keep children happy and yet they learn not just the defined curriculum, but life skills which make little children grown into independent individuals.


With beautiful outdoors and the varied mix of activities, each day is different with fun filled learning for children.


Manika, Miransh’s Mother - Grizzlies 2 (N2)

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