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Our children are at the heart of everything we do 

We are inspired to support children as they embark on their learning journey.  We focus on enhancing self-directed learning by creating an environment that is stimulating and engaging. And most importantly where children feel safe, secure and nurtured.


Our Commitment

Our children are the protagonists of their learning journey. We see our children as infinitely capable, creative and intelligent.  Our children are encouraged to communicate with the world using their potential, strengths, and languages to successfully overcome obstacles.


Pastoral Care


Active Learning

We believe a good education focuses on the holistic development of a child. We pride ourselves on the exceptional care and support that we give to our children. Our principals and teachers work together to foster each child’s social, emotional and academic well-being.


Nurturing Environment

Childhood is filled with natural wonder and curiosity.  We set out to ensure that all our children have access to an enriching learning environment, with carefully designed indoor and outdoor spaces.  This in turn inspires their curiosity leading to exploration and discovery.  Every day is an adventure at Little Paddington! 


Children's Play Land

Play matters! We believe that children’s play is an intricate display of their creative impressions as well as a reproduction of their experiences. 


Continuous Innovation

We are constantly innovating and never compromising. It is this sense of constant learning and resilience that drives us forward, so your child can receive the highest quality of education without compromise.

Vision, Mission & Motto



To be a world-class holistic learning space, where children discover their love for learning. 


We are dedicated in creating a stimulating environment to inspire curiosity, discovery and confidence, whilst nurturing individual talents and values.

  • Learning is their journey

  • Let them navigate

  • Push them to explore

  • Watch them discover

  • Encourage their questions

  • Allow them to struggle

  • Support their thinking


Our Learning Environment

We are committed to creating the best environment and experiences for children. Our passionate teachers, innovative facilities and access to a variety of intentionally curated outdoor spaces, ensure that no compromises are made in upholding our nurturing child-led culture.

  • Award-winning curriculum

  • Child-led, exploratory & experiential learning

  • Acclaimed ateliers – United Nations, Art, Science, Cooking & Music

  • Large outdoor spaces, school pets & herb garden

  • Weekly water play!

  • State-of-the-art facilities

  • Small class sizes

  • Low teacher/child ratio

  • Most importantly – A happy & nurturing environment


Our Community

A collaborative approach to creating bonds between children, parents and educators whilst fostering meaningful connections with the local and global community. 


Our approach also focuses on collaboration and teamwork. Through our project work, children are encouraged to cultivate partnerships with one another, teachers, parents and the wider community. They then begin to appreciate a variety of relationships and identify themselves within the community.

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