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Inspiring Outdoor Spaces

Our beautifully designed outdoor spaces, are intentionally created to provide a variety of opportunities to children. Outdoor learning spaces include creative play equipment, nature zones and sensorial spaces including gardening, water play, petting zoo and more.

Our Curriculum 
How It All Ties In 

Our curriculum framework is benchmarked against internationally acclaimed practices. It is specifically designed to continue to broaden children’s intellectual horizons throughout their learning journey and developmental milestones.

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  • Numbers

  • Shapes

  • Pattern

  • Logic

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  • Life Science

  • Earth Science

  • Technology


Language Arts

  • Emergent Reading

  • Emergent Writing

  • Listening

  • Communication


Physical Development

  • Fine Motor 

  • Gross Motor

  • Health and Safety


Social Emotional Development

  • Self Concept

  • Self Direction

  • Social Relationships


Creative Development

  • Dramatic Play

  • Visual Art

  • Music & Dance


Specialist Ateliers

The holistic development of a child, is of paramount importance to us. The Little Paddington Ateliers provide creative learning opportunities across diverse fields in a stimulating environment. They are fully integrated into our curriculum, and in-sync with the theme of all our project-based learning. 
Outdoor Spaces
Spacious Outdoors

All aboard! Our Paddington Cubs love to play, exercise and practice their pirate impressions onboard our playground ships.

Pirate-ship Play ground

United Nations
Imaginative Play
Art & Craft
Music & Movement
Building Blocks Corner
Spcialist Atelir
“The important thing is to never stop questioning” – Albert Einstein
Science is based on curiosity.  It is said that the science of today is the technology of tomorrow.  Science education provides children with many opportunities to communicate, question, collaborate, analyse and problem-solve.  With these skills they are able to develop life-skills to help them organise, form opinions and understand the world around them.
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Junior Aerospace Engineering

Our children learn how to construct their own basic air balloons and planes, which exposes them to analytical thinking and problem solving skills. 

Junior Chemical Engineering: 

Learning about chemicals and their reactions is a great way to learn about solids, liquids and solutions.  Imagine the glee of making bubbles, feeling ice melt, watching baking soda fizz and creating textured substances!

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Junior Environmentalist:

Raising environmental-awareness for future-generations. Our children explore concepts of farming, floriculture, and endangered species, as they become little environmentalists.




Children are exposed to problem-solving, programming, decision-making and logic. Our little engineers build their own versions of flying birds, roaring lions, drumming monkeys and much. more.

United Nations 
Cultural dexterity | Diversity | Inclusion | Belonging 

Our United Nations ateliers has been developed with the aim of creating cultural dexterity, respect for diversity as well as a sense of belonging. We endeavour to create a sense of compassion, emotional intelligence and cultural knowledge in our children. 

Our children are then given opportunities to examine a variety of aspects about the country including food, language, vegetation, wild-life, arts, music and dance, weather, indigenous attires and festivals, architecture, history and more.

From the Great Wall of China and the Egypt’s Sphinx of Giza, to the African Maasai Mara Reserve and Peyto Glacier in Canada, artistic interpretations of Van Gogh’s Stary Nights and Picasso’s faces, to Singapore’s own Marina Bay Sands created by recycled egg cartons.  We witness the creation of beautiful project-work based on children’s observations. 

Imaginative Play

“Wonder is the beginning of wisdom.” ~ Socrates


With our role-play room, it is our aspiration to take children’s imagination and self-expression to its peak. Encouraging imagination and creativity aids in the development of social, emotional, creative, physical, lingual, and problem-solving skills in children.


Our role-play room has a hospital, police station, fire station, supermarket and café, just to mention a few.  Children are inspired to build entire cities, pretend to role-play different professions, play out different scenarios, learn about different vehicles, create teams, learn to make real-life connections and more.  Imagination really has no boundaries. 


Our cookery sessions, have our little Master Chefs exploring different ingredients as well as experimenting with cooking and mixing techniques.  Cooking allows children to learn about ingredients, health and hygiene, as well as basic mathematics and science skills.


Cooking is a fun, social and tasty task to do together and is a life-skill. It’s always a wonderful moment to see their proud smiles when they see and try their final creations.

Arts & Crafts

Arts and Crafts provide an opportunity for children to boost their confidence as they take on artistic challenges.  

Our little artists are presented with themes and ideas where they can explore their creativity, using colours, shapes, and different tactile materials.

We have fun trying out the unique styles of famous artists such as Kandinsky’s concentric circles, Mondrian's lines, Monet’s nature art and Pollock’s dripping and drizzling method.

Building Blocks Corner

We believe that learning is about being curious, creative and experimental, allowing us to expand our thinking as we learn by doing and collaborating.

Our blocks corner, is where our children learn by building, un-building and rebuilding. Children constantly create new things and develop new ways of thinking about themselves, and the world around them.


Mandarin Immersion Programme

Did you know that it is predicted that Mandarin will be the most spoken language of the future? 

Our Mandarin programme follows the MOE primary school syllabus. We infuse our lessons with interactive activities, to support children’s understanding of the Chinese language, culture and values.  We use fun resources like song, poetry and stories to create engaging lessons, all in Mandarin.  

Programme Objectives :

  • Understand Mandarin

  • Converse in Mandarin

  • Read Mandarin

  • Write in Mandarin

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Music and Movement 

Did you know that exposing children to music and movement helps them express themselves and enhances cognitive development?


At Little Paddington, we have a lot of fun creating sounds, moving, dancing and playing to music.  We listen (and create) music from around the world, exposing our children to different sounds and instruments too.   


Not only do our children enjoy creating melodies and harmonies, but they also get a good workout.

MAndarin immersion

Events & Excursions

Our exciting events’ calendar is designed to expose our children to new and varied experiences.  Our events also help build a community spirit within our centres, and strengthen the bonds between our children, staff and parents. We have seen how our children benefit from these positive relationships, and how much the whole community looks forward to our upcoming events.  This is why we select and design our events with such care and detail, so everyone has fun.  

Chinese NY.jpg

Festival celebrations

As a diverse pre-school, we celebrate Chinese New Year, Deepavali, Hari Raya, Christmas and more.


End of Year 

All children are gently encouraged to take the stage. Performances help foster creativity, problem solving, team-work, and social and emotional skills as well as build a sense of achievement and positive self-esteem.


Experiential Learning Experiences 

We host events around the theme or country in focus, to make learning come to life. Children benefit from this ‘real-world’ experience and parents are invited to visit our school and see what the children have been working on.



Based on the theme of enquiry, we find inspirational locations that will provide children with a variety of unique experiences and memories. This helps children develop their ability to make real world connections, and relate their experiences inside the preschool, back to their everyday life.

Health and Nutrition

Health & Nutrition

Developing healthy food habits begins at a young age.


At Little Paddington our very own in-house chef prepares fresh and well-balanced meals for our children every day. Our menu is nutritious, tasty and most importantly, enjoyed by our children. 

We work closely with the Health Promotion Board with their Healthy Meals in Preschools Programme. We  incorporate all four major food groups by providing whole grains, fruits, vegetables and protein.  

Be kind

Being a ‘Kind Human’ 

Social and Environmental Responsibility 

We support our children’s understanding of global issues and nurture the need to be responsible and kind humans.


We promote re-use and recycling for artwork, green fingers through gardening and a sense of nurturing for all animals with our school pets. We partner with WWF and support at least one local or global charity every year. This is done by providing experiential (hands-on) opportunities for meaningful engagement with the charity, through regular and fun fundraising activities. 

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